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Customer Testimonials

I was snoring so loud that my wife could not tolerate being in the same room and my children demanded that I keep the bedroom door closed. It took a few weeks to get accustomed to but it really works. My wife and I spend all night together, I sleep through the night and wake up rested and I can leave the bedroom door open. This really worked for me. Again, thank you so much.

Dan Y.

I'm a believer in ZQuiet! Please tell me how to get another to use as travel and as a back-up. My snoring has been virtually eliminated and my wife really appreciates your product, also. Best solution I have found. Thanks ever so much for this wonderful invention!

Fred J.
Greenbay, WI

I have had snoring problems for several years and really never took it seriously until I got married last year. It didn't take long for my wife to tell me she could not take the snoring. She ended up sleeping in the guest bedroom on many occasions. Like many people, I tried several devices advertised on websites....from harnesses to mouthpieces to clips. Nothing seemed to work. As a last effort before seeing a physician, I decided to try the ZQuiet® mouthpiece. Now I admit that the device seemed somewhat expensive but considering the hundreds I had spent on other devices I figured I had nothing to lose at this point. I am also very skeptical about website testimonials. Fast forward to having received the device. I can tell you the first night I slept all night which is something I rarely ever do. After a few days of trial and restful sleeping, my wife returned from vacation and spent the first night with me. To say she was suprised that night is an understatement. She said that although I breathed heavily, I did not snore once that night. That is one thing I noticed about this device compared to others. It really allows unrestricted breathing. Bottom line is I am very happy and satisfied and unlike other customers, I did not find the mouthpiece uncomfortable at all. Very satisfied customer.

Randy E.

I have always been a fan of watching commercials on TV that advertise many different products that claim to work and consumer audiences rave over them. However, the ZQuiet® phenomenon stands up to its name. I have gained a lot of weight since I graduated H.S in 2007 and my snoring has gotten progressively worse because of that. It's hard for me to stick to a diet to lose the weight and I have been insulted by overnight guests on numerous occasions because of my snoring. I went on a different website and ordered a nose clip which failed miserably. I told my partner that I have to try something else. I researched preventative snoring devices and the ZQuiet® populated massive results. I checked out the website and my partner and I were more than convinced to order the product. With a 30-Day trial period and the price to ship of only $9.95, who and why would anyone say no? The day it arrived I was very ecstatic. I read all the informational packets before using. I fell asleep for a few hours and my partner was left to bear witness. When I woke up he was still by my side and simply said it worked. I was very very happy. I would cry at nights when he would leave my side to relocate to another part of our home to get rest. And I always felt so bad because with such an early schedule he needed his rest. This product is such a blessing. They say you get what you pay for. I now get well needed sleep and snore-free nights. The ZQuiet® is worth EVERY PENNY.

Jaz D.

It's like a miracle! My husband can fall asleep immediately, and would start snoring within a minute. It would take me forever to fall asleep after poking him, begging him to turn over, etc. The last two nights have been heaven! We are both sleeping much better thanks to this wonderful invention, ZQuiet®. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lynn S.

I must tell you all how incredibly grateful we are to you for such a wonderful product! We had success the very FIRST night and I was comfortable with my ZQuiet® by night three! It is tremendously satisfying to find a product that actually delivers on its promises! I have not snored at all since the first day I began using ZQuiet®!!

Michael B.
Las Vegas, NV

I want to share my experience with the world. This product really works. My wife and I have slept in separate beds for years, but since using the ZQuiet®, we have slept together for 2 months now. I wake up in the morning and feel very energetic! I have never written a testimonial on a product before, but this is worth complimenting. For anyone who does not have sleep apnea but snores, this is the answer.

Ken, FL.

Amazing...I ordered ZQuiet®, but I really didn't expect anything to change. I thought it would be another TV advertising hype. Boy was I wrong. I stopped snoring immediately. My husband now sleeps the entire night in our bed and I feel more rested and have more energy during the day. Thanks, ZQuiet®.

Debra J.
Diamondhead, MS

Wow! An unbelievable product! My husband ordered this device, after trying numerous nasal strips. I went from sleeping on the couch at least once or twice a week, to sleeping back in our bed every night. It actually worked the first night he tried it, and didn't even have to get use to it! I am totally amazed and sold......will recommend it highly!

John C.
Shelbyville, KY

Before ZQuiet®, my husband and I both woke up tired. My snoring was so bad that I actually was less tired when I went to bed than I was when I woke up. I would wake up with headaches regularly and my snoring caused me to gain a lot of weight. I found myself eating more to try to build up some energy and because I was so tired, I was exercising less. I've been using ZQuiet® for several months now and feel like a new person. I'm no longer tired all of the time and I have much more energy. The morning headaches are gone. I've even begun to lose weight! ZQuiet® is worth every penny!

Kathy C.
Atlanta, GA

Most of your testimonials are about men, well, I am a woman and I snore. I hated going places overnight because I snored so loud my family and husband brought it up all of the time. It was embarressing to me. I didnt want to have surgery and I didnt want to use one of those big sleeping aparatases on my face. One day while watching television, I saw the commercial for ZQuiet®. I ordered it just to see if what the folks doing the testimonials were saying was true. I ordered it. When I recieved it in the mail my husband laughed at me saying its not going to work. Well guess what? IT WORKED!!! We couldnt believe it. I used it everynight and every morning I would ask my husband if I snored and he said not even a little bit. I was so happy!!! Not only that, I noticed I was more energetic and better rested. My eyes don't have that heavy feel during the day anymore. I just ordered a couple of more for back up and for traveling. Thank you so much for this wonderful invention!!! It truely is a miracle!!!

Susan P.

When I first saw the commercial and heard the testimonies, I must say I was a bit skeptical. But everytime I woke up feeling tired & irritable because of the all night snoring, I believed it was worth the try and the good part is, it came with a money back guarantee. In the past we've tried nasal strips, more/less pillows, several sleep positions and nothing seemed to work. The first morning after my fiance used ZQuiet®, I was amazed that I actually slept all night long. We have had ZQuiet® for about a week now and I must testify that ZQuiet® is a must have for anyone that snores and a God send to the person that once lost sleep as a result. Both my fiance and I awake more energized and happy now that we have ZQuiet® because snoring was affecting his sleep also. He did say it takes a while to get used but he is so happy he got it. If you don't have it, order it today. This thing really works and it's well worth the investment.

Lori M.

After a couple of days of waking up my husband with my snoring, and him waking me up because I was snoring, I ended up sleeping in the extra bedroom. I've seen your infomercials on tv, so I thought I would give it a try! I went online to look up ZQuiet®, I read all the testimonials and read about the money back guarantee and I ordered it! I received it in less than a week! The very first night of use, I did not snore! I've had this for well over 2 months. I haven't snored since! This is a great product! I will suggest this to all my friends and family! Thank you ZQuiet®!

Janet S.

I have always been a light sleeper and take melatonin every night so when my amazing boyfriend and I started living together, I was filled with anxiety about sleeping because he snores. People who have the gift of being able to sleep well with no problems have no idea how lucky they are. I tried ear plugs AND an ipod headband that played white noise in my ears and I still heard him. We bought a nice bed for the office and he would go in there but was sad and said he felt like my roommate. I'd try to suffer through the noise at night but was waking up tired and cranky! We bought the ZQuiet® system and the very first night, he put the smaller mouthpiece in, kept it in all night and seriously...I couldn't even hear him breathing!!!!!!! Not a snore all night...I was blown away. There was no getting use to it at all. HE slept far better as well! It's so silent now, I don't even have to use one ear plug because I can't even hear him breathing. This device is a miracle, period!!!!! He said it's comfortable and can even sleep on his back now. We wake up together, happy and WELL rested. Congrats on coming up with an absolutely amazing product that works exactly how it says it will. I will be telling everyone I know about this product.

Marisa M.

It REALLY has changed our life! Nothing is better than waking up next to my husband every morning! I never expected to come away with such an amazing, immediate solution!

Jennifer F.

We have had two nights of no snoring... this is really a blessing. My husband's snoring has gotten worse over the past few years, yet he does not have sleep apnea, he just snores VERY loud and often. I'm so excited to say for the first time in 17 years I did not have to ask my husband to roll over nor was I awakened by loud snoring in the middle of the night. We are both happy and extremely thankful that ZQuiet

Melissa D.
Greenbay, WI

Why has this product not been marketed to women? I think that there is a misconception that snoring is not sexy so many women just don't admit that they do it. I am here to tell you that I snore like a bear. Well, at least I did before I got my ZQuiet

Brenda P.

Wait! Do you hear that? Me neither - silence, Heaven even! My husband has always had a VERY loud snore, often causing bunk mates on travel to turn in before him so they could get to sleep before he started. While I was doing fine for many years, about six months ago his snoring seemed to get worse! Within a couple weeks I was sleeping on the couch, finally after a month we would rotate each night - who had a meeting, who had to travel got the bed. It was awful! One night he had the couch and my youngest son was asleep upstairs with his door closed. Dave's snoring not only woke him up, but at that distance it sounded to him like someone was breathing very heavy in his room - he got scared and ran into the bathroom next door. When he still heard it, he started to panic thinking whatever it was had followed him - then realized it was Dave's snoring! So fast forward to this March - we're getting ready for a trip to San Diego with 16 relatives and we're renting a house. I'm freaking out because there won't be a single place for me to escape to - that means I HAVE to sleep with the snoring! One night (on the couch) I see the ZQuiet® infommercial. Not one to purchase from these "As Seen On TV" products, I'm convincing myself its a sham, when the Dr from the TV show the Drs comes on to endorse it. Then, I'm kinda thinking this might work...ok for $9.95 it's a risk I'm willing to take - if it works, the balance is nothing compared to a good night's sleep and getting to sleep with my husband again. It arrives the day before we leave for San Diego. He tries it that night and it pops out - actually a few times. I nudge him and tell him to put it back in - but we had to get up at 3:00am for the flight so we didn't sleep all that long and I wasn't convinced it was going to work. The next night - in the house with 16 other people...he puts it in, we roll over and - and - and - I awake the next morning!! I slept sound the entire night - and he didn't make a single sound - not one. It didn't pop out even! Our family is saying we're just tired and would have slept through anything - but here we are over three weeks later....Do you hear that? Me neither! AMAZING...thank you for giving me back solid sleep and the chance to sleep with my husband again. I never believe those products where folks say "if I can do it, anyone can do it" - but cross my heart - if this quiets my husband's snoring - it will quiet anyone's snoring. (Apparently, now he says I may need one myself - hrumpf!) Thank you, thank you…

Jackie R.

I have suffered from snoring for over 30 years. I've been through sleep studies and have seen several Doctors. I have tried several different over the counter products to alleviate my snoring but nothing ever worked until now. I received my ZQuiet® yesterday. Last night is the first restful night's sleep that I have had since I was in my teens. My Partner was amazed that I slept so soundly and quietly. The mouthpiece takes some getting used to but is totally worth it. Thank you ZQuiet®!

Alan M.
Cottonwood, AZ

Thank you, thank you, thank you! My husband of 18 years has horrible, deep snoring. We had him tested for apena (negative with three full sleep studies), bought every pillow, tried every homeopathic alternative. Our relationship was being affected, as one of us slept on the couch each and every evening. I was actually truly concerned about how we would survive being in a hotel room for an upcoming trip...and who has money for a second hotel room just because someone snores? I went YEARS without a good night sleep. I let him use it the first night without being in the bed. He did claim some initial soreness, exactly as the video described. I joined him in the bed on the second evening, and I have to admit - I was almost "scared" (What are we going to do if this doesn't work?). Funniest thing is, he was PERFECTLY silent the entire night, but I kept waking up to see if he was snoring! It works. It works. Just try it. Please know that I have never written a success story to a website about a product. So simple, and after a few nights of soreness, everything is just great. THANK YOU!!!

Laura S.

Well I have been using your product for 4 nights in a row. The very 1st night sleep was amazing and when I woke I asked my wife if I snored and she said NO. I really did not know how much I snored but know I would wake up often and feel so fatigued during the day. My wife said I would snore so bad that I would gasp for a breath and wake her and myself up. So for all you fellow people who have been told you snore. Do yourself a favor, do your health a favor, do your love ones a favor, try it before you buy as the advertisement says and you will NOT be disappointed. This is not a scam, not a fad it is a viable solution. Sleep well.

John C.
Shelbyville, KY

I had resorted to sleeping in a separate bed so that my husband and I could both get some sleep, rather than the constant, "honey, roll over" wake-ups all through the night. A friend of mine who is a dentist suggested I try one of the mouth guards that pull the lower jaw forward while you sleep. In desperation, I followed his advice and ordered a ZQuiet®. I can honestly say that my husband has not woken me once since I've been using the ZQuiet®. It does take a little while for your mouth to adjust to the new position of your jaw, but for us, it was so worth it! I am so thankful for a product that actually works and has stopped my snoring!!

Chris V.
Parker, CO

Just wanted to share my experience. I'm a man in my mid-50's who has snored badly enough over the past 10 years that my wife and I have had to sleep in separate bedrooms. Over the years I've tried any number of over-the-counter stop-snoring remedies and devices, but none of them ever quite worked. A little over a month ago, I ordered a ZQuiet® to see if by any chance it would make a difference. It did, the first such device to work for me. Finally, for the first time in 10 years, my wife and I can actually sleep in the same bed together, with both of us getting restful sleep. Thank you for making such a useful product. I will recommend your device to friends and I will be sure to buy from you again if I ever need a replacement.

Kelly M.

Thank you, ZQuiet® you have made it so I can sleep at night. My fiance saw the commercial for ZQuiet®, bought it and now it’s sweet dreams for both of us. If he forgets to put it in, I wake him up because he starts snoring and I make him put it in, and bada bing, he stops! He is dreaming again for the first time in years, how nice is that? He is so impressed, he bought two more for friends that have sleep apnea and gave them as gifts. Thanks again.

Sandi B.

I have snored all my life, but it has gotten worse since I have gotten older (gaining weight along the way). I have tried everything from pillows to a new bed! My poor husband has had to go in the other bedroom just to get some sleep. When it started effecting him to the point that he came in from work and took a nap, I knew I had to do something. I was tired of waking up headachy and wondering why I even bothered going to bed since I was so tired all the time. The first night I used this wonderful device, I woke up wtih my husband sleeping on his half of the bed!! I was so ecstatic!!! That was three weeks ago and I feel wonderful! I am waking up feeling like I am rested and I am out walking again. We have family out of town and previously I hurt their feelings because we would always stay at a motel. Now I will just take this wonderful device with me and enjoy staying with my family!! Thank you...Thank you!!!

Susan S.

Let me first start by saying THANK YOU! I have been a chronic snorer for a long time. My wife would constantly complain but over the course of our ten years together she had learned to live with it. I would always have to sleep on my stomach to avoid "heavy" snoring but then my back would ache or I would toss and turn all night from front to back to side just to get some sleep. From the first night I put ZQuiet® in, I stopped, it took me a couple of nights to get used to the feeling of the product but once I did it was amazing. I cannot believe how well I sleep! I have never been known for sleeping more than 5-6 hours a night, mostly because I would be so restless that eventually I was tired of "trying" to sleep and would just get up. Now I am sleeping 8 even 9 hours and I feel fantastic. For the first couple of weeks I would wake up and ask my wife "did I snore at all?" Of course the answer was "no" and for two weeks I guess I was still just surprised. I am not going to lie, I was totally skeptical about buying something like this off TV, your introductory offer made it possible for me to consider and thank God I did! I just wanted you guys to know how grateful my wife and I are for your product, now I'm just a husband sleeping next to my wife-not a grizzly bear! All the best!

Tom T.
Denver, CO

I've been using ZQuiet® for 3-4 years now. I had been thinking I needed to try something for my snoring for awhile, then I put action to it when I was sent to the basement when I was keeping everyone IN THE HOUSE up on vacation with my in-laws! I ordered it right away and it was waiting for me when we got home from vacation. It worked from night 1. I used to think I was wearing this for my wife, so she can sleep. It hit me a couple of weeks ago when my wife was out of town for a night, so I didn't wear it. I ended up waking up several times and just had a restless night of sleep. Not only is ZQuiet® for my wife, but it's FOR ME TOO! Thanks for thinking of this great product! I'm very rested!

Ron F.
Annapolis, MD